Rāg and tāl visualizer

The melody in any khayāl performance is determined by the rāg, whose correct and moving expression is the main goal of the singer in this genre. This visualizer allows to follow the melodic progression through a rāg in real performances of khayāl, as well as the progression of the tāl cycles. Read the instructions below.


Note: This tool still is work in progress and might experience some malfunctions. For an optimal performance, it is advised to use it in a computer (its use in tablets and cellphones might be too slow and cause synchronization problems) and with the browser Chrome.

  1. Select a recording from the dropdown menu. Each option's title contains, first, the performed rāg, followed by the singer's name, the performed tāl or tāls in brackets, and the recording's duration. If instead of a tāl or tāls the word calan is given in brackets, the recording does not contain a khayāl but a the calan of the rāg, that it is performed without tāl. The navigator at the bottom presents the same functionalities as the one in the tāl visualizer.
  2. Once a recording is selected, the range of performed svaras vertically appears at the right. The ṣaḍja is indicated with a dark colored circle. An empty circle with a thick border indicates the rāg's vādī, and one with a thin border indicates the rāg's saṃvādī. In case no svar is indicated as vādī or saṃvādī, that function is taken by the ṣaḍja. Clicking in the computer's keyboard the letters indicated beside each svar, its pitch is played according to the automatic analysis of the corresponding recording. The navigator of the bottom displays information about the performed tāls and each sam position, as in the tāl visualizer. Besides, the "+info" link redirects to the recording's page in the MusicBrainz website.
  3. To listen to the recording, first the audio must be loaded. For that, click the "Load the audio" button. Depending on the recording's duration, the internet connection and other factors, this process might last from few seconds to more than one minute. Once the recording is loaded, the tāl circumference appears and a clock over the navigator indicating the total duration of the recording and the current playing time. Now the recording can be played by clicking the "Play!" button.
  4. While the recording is being played, a red cursor indicates the melodic progression over the svaras range. At the same time, the tāl circumference shows the same information as in the tāl visualizer.
  5. At any time, you can deselect the options ṭhekā, to hide the tāl's ṭhekā del tāl, "tāl", to hide any information about the tāl, or "cursor", to hide the cursor over the svaras' range.

The representation of tāl here used is inspired in the one developed and used by RagaSphere.

The calan recordings are taken from the material developed by RagaSphere for the Kadenze program North Indian Classical Music, and used here with the permission of their owners.