Find the sam!

To put into practice what you learn so far, try to find the sam of each tāl cycle during a real performance of a khayāl, and try to win as many points as possible! Read the instructions below.


Note: This tool still is work in progress and might experience some malfunctions. For an optimal performance, it is advised to use it in a computer (its use in tablets and cellphones might be too slow and cause synchronization problems) and with the browser Chrome.

  1. Before starting to put into practice your ability for following the sam in different tāls, it is advised that you familiarize yourself with them in the tāl laboratory and the tāl visualizer. In fact, this small game is used and has the same functionalities as the latter.
  2. The main difference is that now you can test if you can properly follow the tāl cycle, by clicking the key S each time a sam is reached. Each time this key is pressed, the "Attempts" marker increases by 1. If it is clicked in the correct time, the "Hits" marker also increases by 1. But not all the right attempts get you the same number of points! If the "ṭhekā", "cursor" and "tāl" options are selected, you get 1 point per correct attempt. If the "ṭhekā" option is deselected, this point is multiplied by 2. If the "cursor" option is deselected, points are multiplied by 3. And they are also multiplied by 3 if the "tāl" option is also deselected. So, every time key S is clicked right on the sam and the three options are deselected, you get 18 points! Now try to get as many points as possible with the less number of mistakes!

The representation of tāl here used is inspired in the one developed and used by RagaSphere.